America. Fcuk Yeah.

Almost none of you will remember that a couple of years ago I drove the 6593 kilometres between San Francisco and New York. And thanks to a dash mounted time lapse camera I also managed to make an epilepsy inducing video about it.

Two years later, I’ve finally got around to developing all the film I shot on the trip. I’m posting them here rather than individually for a few reasons. Mostly because by adding them to RB you’re sort of implying that someone might buy them, and I can’t imagine anyone would, I certainly wouldn’t, and I took them. But also because, like a lot of other people’s holiday snaps with which we’re bombarded more frequently than ever, in isolation they’re quite weak but collected together they almost tell a story of sorts. Almost. And finally because if I remember correctly Danny gets very upset when he sees loads of photos go up and I wouldn’t want his brain to break and have him suddenly attack a passer by with a fork.

Everything was shot with a ‘79 Yashica GS Electro on Kodak 200. It’s got a light leak I can’t find which is sometimes ace and sometimes annoying. There’s zero post processing. I’ve no idea why I say that out loud, as if anyone cares anymore.

Hopefully someones OCD will be appeased by these being in geographical order, beginning with…San Francisco:

Oh, Golden Gate, oh I get it.

Rolling through Death Valley and over Zabriskie Point. We had a slight petrol crisis here, I won’t bore you with it because it’s less dramatic when you know I’m still here two years later. It gets hot here. There’s a place actually called Furnace Creek which i think is a very literal naming:

Various parts of Route 66 and other assorted old highways. I’ll admit it’s hard to not be overcome by miles and miles of decay and destroyed townships. It’s like watching Cars but without the happy Disney ending:

Miscellaneous shots of things. It’s possible some of these might not actually be from the trip, I had a bagful of film by the time I eventually got is developed, and one of these is definitely from New Orleans, but I doubt many of you are still reading:

Memphis, ah Memphis. What a mighty town. Sun Records, Stax Records, Booker T, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding, Wendy Rene, Isaac Hayes, the musical history in this town is intense. And also some fat chap called Elvis who did something with other people’s songs and his hips and he had two planes and he exploded blah blah. I didn’t photograph him. The wreath on the balcony marks the spot Martin Luther King was shot:

Hatch Show Print in Nashville, some sort of mecca for people who’ve ignored the fact you can buy a desktop printer for $50, it’s just beautiful:

United Record Pressing, also in Nashville. Been pressing since the ‘40s. Was bed and board for African American artists during segregation. And today stands as the largest pressing facility in America. It was close to Record Store Day so they were at full tilt when I was there, they were also pressing Jacky White’s Blunderbuss LP:

New Yawk. It’s rad, so for many reasons that you all already know. It’s impossible to go onto the subway without thinking of that scene in the Warriors. And it’s impossible to go to Coney Island without thinking of Jared Leto’s heroin arm in Requiem for Dream. Incidentally Coney Island is way better than most people think, at least off season. The Wonder Wheel is a one of a kind and hasn’t killed anyone for at least 99 years, they have a freak show, and it’s got what is probably the original death trap rollercoaster. However Times Square was probably better in the ‘70s when it was mostly porno theatres and pimps and you had a great chance of being stabbed. I expect that looked less seedy than it does today:

I think that’ll do. It’s not everywhere of course, but no one needs to see more pictures of the Grand Canyon or The Grassy Knoll.

I recommend this trip. America can get a bad rap in general, and occasionally that’s not without good reason, but we experienced nothing but good natured, hospitable and often extremely kind people in every state. I still find it odd to be able to walk into WalMart and buy a shotgun, but when the people behind the counter are so friendly you stop caring about personal safety.

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