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Hi All,

It’s funny how you think you have the rest of your life planned out, then a few things happen beyond your control and everything changes.

As many of you know we lost our faithful old Labrador Maisie a few months ago, well a week, or so before, after working for the same company for 16 years, I was made redundant. Unfortunately my skill set is very specialised and to get another job would certainly meant relocating, this from my families perspective was simply not an option. On the wrong side of 50, retraining for a new career realistically was not an option. So after much deliberation and after carefully chipping away at our monthly outgoings, I have decided to go full time professional Photographer. There is still much to do, but we are getting there. When I get 5 minutes, I will get around to thanking everyone for their comments and having a look at your work, please bear with me.
I’m using Facebook quite successfully as a marketing tool and keeping up to date with my clients. There are many photos from Dog Shows and other events we have recently attended, please pop in and say hello.

Kind Regards


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