Ch.2- Long walk Home

Adonijah was soaked to the bone from watching her taxi until she was out of sight. He turned to walk to an empty home, and he felt an emotion welling up inside of him that he hadn’t unleashed, for fear of being a lesser man. As tears rolled down his cheeks and down his chiseled jaw bone he realized how much he really loved Rose, and he couldn’t understand why she had to leave, but she was persistent and he couldn’t argue with her. Every moment he looked at her, those beautiful eyes melted away any ice off from his heart.
Before he met Rose he was a bit of a promiscuous man, always in and out of local bars and taverns, taking home any woman that would follow him. After meeting Rose for the first time he wanted no other woman, he didn’t even want to look at another woman, and he was entranced by her beauty, her soft skin and full lips.
As he walked home he didn’t even notice how wet he was and he was too sidetracked. When he got to his home he unlocked the door and took off his shoes and socks, setting his shoes against the heater to dry, and throwing his socks in the wicker hamper to the left in the downstairs bathroom. Adonijah went upstairs and undressed and put on some dry PJ pants and grabbed his robe that Rose had bought him for his Birthday last month, and he remembered the joy on her face when he opened his gift, and then grinned at the thought of his birthday night. That was the first night he made love to her, it was the most passionate moment he’s ever had, that’s when he knew that he didn’t want anyone else and he was in love with her.
Adonijah fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. with pictures of him and her scattered around him. Rose’s cat Justice was sleeping the back of the couch almost as a protector, just like Rose thought he was. Adonijah awoke to two women trying to sell a skin clearing product. He sat up and shut off the TV and stood up gave Justice a scratch on the ear instantly starting up a roaring purr, and headed for the kitchen, the sun was shining through the window above the sink, sending warm rays of light flooding the kitchen with a yellow glow. Adonijah went to the fridge and took out two eggs and some ham, getting a frying pan from the lower cupboard, under the countertops to the left of the kitchen; he placed it on the oven and turned on the burner. As the pan got hot he cracked the two eggs in the pan and watched them sizzle, and he sighed. The house just wasn’t right, and again he felt tears well up in his eyes. Justice came in and rubbed against his legs and it made him smile, but the empty feeling was all around him and not knowing if she was okay or when she will be back, he was tense and he really wished after all what least where she was going, but she kept that secret, almost as if he knew it would harm him in some way. She’s probably on a plane somewhere far away doing something wonderful, he just hoped she was unharmed.
Adonijah sat down at the small breakfast table and looked out the window and remembered back to the day she got the mysterious letter in the mail, he remembered reading it with her, and thinking that it was so vague on the details.

Dearest Rose,
I have been looking for you for some time, and now that I have finally found you, I insist you come and visit me, and share with me what you’ve been hiding. I will send for a Taxi to come and pick you up on April 17th a Saturday at 3:30 am and take you to meet me.

He would have never followed the mysterious letter, but he remembers her face when she read the letter, an expression that was like every memory you’ve ever stored comes back and hits you like a ton of bricks and she was determined to go, from the first look at the manila colored paper. April 17th was only a week from the time she received the letter, and for that whole week she looked worried and a little tense, every time Adonijah asked her to tell him the secret or who the writer was she wouldn’t tell him a thing, she had the willpower to overcome anything.
He shook the thought of her pacing in the hall on the day of her leave and cleaned off his dishes and fed Justice and climbed the stairs to the master bathroom. A large room where a Jacuzzi tub with jets sat kitty cornered, which Rose loved, and a stand up shower encased with clear glass doors and surrounded by a sleek marble surface, the walls were painted a warm red color and a large linen closet on the far wall of the bathroom near the toilet, to the right was the his and hers sink with a large mirror the width of the two sinks. He pulled a soft towel out of the linen closet and hung it on the towel bar next to the shower, he ran the hot water until it was so hot he almost couldn’t stand it, and closed the curtain and undressed, he stepped into the steaming shower and let the water run down his strong tan body. He got goose bumps at the heat of the water running down his skin. His muscles glistening under the stream of water. Pounding on his back the water seemed to relax tense muscles and he lifted his head back and rinsed his hair, and washed it. Rinsing the shampoo out, his hair was slicked back and he resembled a god. Showering all by himself was depressing, he loved when Rose would step in with him and washes his body down with her gentle hands, then having her standing there all wet from the shower water watching him, they would passionately kiss, and then they would get out and make the most intense love until they collapsed.
He shut the water off and stood in the shower cooling off and letting the steam rise around him, he thought to himself that he had to be stronger; it’s only been one night, who knows how many more he’d have to spend alone, without the one love he’s ever known.

Ch.2- Long walk Home

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