Mysterious Destiny

Rose stepped out of the car and paid the taxi man, she looked up at an old rundown hotel with broken shutters and grimy windows. This was it; her destiny awaited her inside the dark gloomy abode. As she took her bags she wept a tear for her love that was left behind. ‘He must be crushed’ she thought as she picked up her new life in two suitcases and climbed up the broken creaking stairs to the front door.
As she walked in the walls were stained a dirty red as if at one point in time they were a color of warmth and friendliness. The smell she noticed was horrid, a combination of rotting garbage masked by a floral scent. The old man staring at her from behind the desk gave her chills up and down her spine, ‘some destiny’ she thought as she set her bag down and a rat ran to the hole in the paper thin wall. The man knew she was coming and he although was creepy was very helpful and friendly his name was Mr. Shylock, Rose thought that she would have no problem remembering such an odd name. He led her down a long yet mysterious hall toward her awaiting room. Mr. Shylock resembled an odd creature, he hobbled when he walked and he also smelled like the downstairs lobby. His hair was long, white, and stringy. Rose was at least 2 feet taller then him without her black high heels. She was still damp from the rain when she left her beloved Adonijah, she wasn’t far from him, but he didn’t know where she was and that was how it had to be.
As Mr. Shylock opened the door to her room, it wasn’t much more glorious then the rest of the hotel. The bed in the middle of the room a queen size canopy with wooden hand carved posts, the quilt was sewn for royalty; she could see this quilt at one point in time on the bed for a princess. She set her bags on the floor by the nightstand and she noticed a small lamp and a single red rose. She smiled at the thought and turned to Mr. Shylock who was still standing in the door way, he smiled back, a grimy smile he asked her if she was all set.
“I think so, thank-you Mr. Shylock, you have been kind”
“You’re welcome Miss. If you need anything just give me a ring” as he pointed to the small ivory colored button by the door. He closed the door behind him and she could hear him lock her in, a sudden jolt of fear shot through her heart, but she closed her eyes and remembered why she was there, she was needed and she was promised complete safety for her secret. A secret she hadn’t thought about in a long time, a secret that was being bombarded with thoughts of Adonijah, and the summer they shared, the kisses they had. She shook her self out of her comfort thoughts and remembered that she was in damp clothes; she unbuttoned her dress coat and hung it up by the door on the coat rack. She slipped her heels off and placed them on the floor under her coat and opened her bag, inside she took out a thin nightgown that was pink and had lace around the bottom and the V-neck line. She went into the bathroom, which surprisingly had a large tub, and a few candles that were used, and dusty. She undressed and wrapped a scratchy towel around her soft delicate skin, and ran the hot water and plugged the drain.
She gently lifted herself from the tub and grabbed the scratchy towel again and dried off, lifting the plug from the drain to watch the water spiral down, and she thought to herself how that reminded her of her life right now. She got dressed in her nightgown and brushed her hair she turned on the lamp by the bed to illuminate the room making a homey glow. She crawled into bed and looked around. Rose noticed the carpeting was a red and gold with an elegant touch, the windows were tall. Almost floor to ceiling and the curtains were a deep red. She saw that there was a dresser across from the bed against the far wall and it had six drawers and a vanity mirror on top. There was also a closet door that was white like the entry door, and it had an old skeleton key lock. She laid her head on the pillow and covered up, she looked up at the top of the canopy and noticed that it was an off white heavy material, that was tied to each post with a silk cord. She untied the two facing the windows and let them drop and meet in the middle, closing her off from the darkened part of the room. Rose then did the same facing the dresser mirror, and she was in a half closed cozy bed. She then opened the small drawer in her nightstand by the bed and saw that there was a book inside; when she pulled it out she saw that it was one of her favorites. It was an old fantasy novel that she remembered having read to her by her father, one of the only memories that she had left of him. She never knew what happened to him, her mother once told her that he died a long time ago when she was very young, but her whole life she secretly refused to believe that he was dead. All she knew was that he was a tall dark haired man, and his name was Benjamin Timton, although she had her mother’s last name of Mason, she always liked the sound of Rose Timton.
She set the book down on the bedside table and shut off the light, hopefully she would be able to sleep. As she drifted off to sleep gently, she rolled over and sighed and fell fast asleep.

When Morning came she woke to a knock at her door, she jumped up thinking it was still night only to realize that the heavy material around her bed was closed. She peeked through and called
“Who is it?”
“It is me, Miss, Mr. Shylock; I brought you some breakfast if you are interested?”
At the sound of her belly rumbling she remembered she didn’t have anything to eat for supper, being so worried about leaving Adonijah. Rose carefully stepped out of bed and quickly grabbed her robe from her bag, it was a silk robe, her grandmother’s she was told it was from Japan, and how she loved that robe. She answered the door to see Mr. Shylock standing there all hunched over and in the same outfit as last night, same stringy hair and bad teeth, offered her a cart with a few plates on it. He lifted them to show her the array of foods. Under the first one was a tray of fresh fruit that was wonderfully bright colored and delicious looking, under the second tray was a small bowl of scrambled eggs, her favorite, and a plate of bacon and some orange juice and coffee, with sugar cubes and cream. Rose thought to herself as she looked at the scrumptious looking foods, how he knew that she liked the eggs and the fresh fruit. She didn’t pay much attention to that thought as she gracefully dug into the plates of food, sitting at the little breakfast table by the window, she didn’t seem to see last night. As she sat down she noticed that Mr. Shylock was still standing there, she told him that she was all set and he could leave, after a moment more of standing there, he left her to her breakfast leaving the cart with the untouched food there for her to pick at later.
There was something deffinatley creepy about Mr. Shylock, the way he stares at me, like he’s lost in thought in fantasy and that eerie smile and stringy hair Rose thought it gave her the goose bumps. She sat down in the beam of sunlight and carved into a ripe grapefruit, sprinkling a light blanket of sugar over the top and letting it soak into the flesh as she poured her self a cup of coffee placing two cubes and a teaspoon of cream. Rose then took the spoon with the jagged top to carve into the delicate grapefruit and she savored the first tart bite.

Mysterious Destiny

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