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Silent Whispers

The silent whispers that I hear.
Are reminders of our existing years.
The memories that will always be.
Some are wonderful.
Some I wish I could set them free.
The hurt, and happiness seems so surreal.
I’m not alone.
We all have to deal with the joyous,
and sorrowful whispers in our soul.
The whispers of laughter.
The whispers of pain.
The whispers of life.
That could had been.
Whispers so long ago.
Some too close in time.
How does this happen?
Sometimes we will never know.
The human mind, so complicated.
Yes and No!
Sometimes the whispers are all we have left,
Of a life once lived, and a life that’s no more.
Why is sweet whispers so sad to relive?
And then our sorrows gets mixed with the sweet.
Can’t tell the difference.
They blend together so well.
How can this be?
The view outside seems so crazy.
The insides the same.
How can laughter, and crying both feel the same?
But if we didn’t have the whispers.
Who or what would you be?
Would we prefer a mind full of emptiness,
Where soft whispers do flee?
So when your mind whispers.
Take them all in.
Whispers reminds us where we have been.
WHISPERS……..!, Whispers………….., whispers…………………………………

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