A New beginning

I’ve never really been one to write a journal- probably because I’m lazy and more than a little gramatically challenged! Anyway I thought I might give it a go… Mainly to chart the next few months of my life. I have an oportunity, to not only make more money- always sorely needed with three kids but also to go and take some spectacular photos! (Again sorely needed!!!!) And on top of that have generous blocks of time to myself to work on these projects!!!!! You guessed it I’m heading North to shift mountains of Iron Ore with giant trains!!!! LOL. I’m excited about this oportunity- because finally I can pursue my photography properly! I’ll have two weeks at home and two at work- with some work time available to get out and check out some of the most spectacular senery W.A. has to offer! Cool!!! Well given the heat and desolate conditions probably not so cool! Anyway this is the beginning of a new chapter in just one of the many thousands of lives involved in Red Bubble. The job doesn’t start until August- but the process begins today! Wish me luck.

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