D r o p by D r o p

Some things are too difficult to express in words.

As writers, we try to communicate the uncommunicat-able, the inexpressible. We try, and it is the greatest among us that get the closest to the Truth, that reach the closest to the hearts of our readers.

However, no amount of words from inside of me can express what I feel at this moment.

My poem Stop(http://www.redbubble.com/people/ommanipadmehum/...) was written a few months ago, in light of a recent event in the NSW suburb of Camden.

There was a proposal for a new Islamic school in the area. 900 gathered at a town meeting to block it.

“We don’t want them not only here, but we don’t want them in Australia”

“Don’t let them take Camden!”

“They have terrorists among them!”

“No one wants them here, they’re filthy grubs”

“I don’t want my kids being taught that kind of propaganda”

they said. Two bloody, severed pigs heads on stakes were placed at the proposed site, an Australia flag fluttering gloriously in between them.

Today, I learn they are supporting a Catholic school in the area on a different side of town with “less traffic issues”.

Here is where words fail me.

Friends, the world is a beautiful place. Australia is a beautiful place. Camden, I’m sure, is a beautiful place with lots of beautiful people in it.

But the hatred and the fear and the ignorance is overwhelming – a poison, one for which the remedy, though in abundance, is unwanted by sufferers.

That remedy is Love.

Dear ones, share the world your Love. Never think it will not make a difference – a smile, a word of comfort, a kind act.

Words inspire. Art inspires. Inspire the world with your Words and your Art and your Love.
And d r o p by d r o p the jug of equality and love for all shall begin to fill :)

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