Grumpy Old Thirty Something.

So apparently I am cynical and grumpy and old. Ok maybe not old. 30 is the new 20 these days, but really that is only because everyone seems to put career first before family and friends. But that isn’t really the point to this particular written work.

Come to think of it this written work does not really have a point. No one listens anymore anyway so there is not point in making a point about a particular point now is there. And more to the point, if they did listen they would probably tell me I just don’t understand. And how could I, now that I am old and I am suddenly unable to percieve the world from the eyes of someone greener and less adept at understanding the world around them.

Another none point to this writting is that I hate a lot of things. I mean sure you hate it when your husband leaves the toilet seat up and you hate it when your kids leave their clothes all over their floor like their floor is a wardrobe of some sort, and you just wish for once your partner wouldn’t start snoring before you fell into a deep sleep for the night where your dreams take you to a place that kills all snorers upon hearing the first grumbling sounds like water gurgling its last few moments of air before being sucked into the drain pipes.
No I hate more then just that petty crap. I hate people that whinge and moan about those kinds of things. Like they somehow mean something to their lives and if they don’t share with you, these trivial bits of drivel, their lives are not complete.

So often am I wondering to myself, why do I care at all. Then a few moments later I realise in a stunning flash of self awareness that I really don’t care.

And so I have to ask, do you? How often are you at work or home or at some social gathering, where you are listening in on someones conversation or taking part in it yourself, only to come out of it thinking, I want my time back. What was that all about? I have better things to do, to read, to listen to, to achieve in life without having to waste precious moments of time listening to that crap.
Now ultimately you care about their well being, and you hope they don’t ever fall sick or die, but the rest, you don’t really care about.
Unless of course it has some bearing on your life and is and intrinsic ingredient in the outcome of things to come. In which case you are all ears like that of an elephant listening to every word just in case there is something you might miss.
So why do we suddenly listen in these cases. Well for the same reason we don’t listen to any other case that has no interest to us. Because we are all self centered ego driven, narcissistic creatures who thrive on beating down others for our own self gain.
We are all guilty of it. Even me. But what can we do about it? Nothing. It’s genetic I say. And you can blame Darwin for it as well. Survival of the fittest is that not how it goes. Look out for ones own interest before you look out for others. They even tell you on aeroplanes to make sure you attach your breathing mask before you attend anyone else.
Adds on the tv are the same too. What do you want out life? what do you want from your job? what do you want from your wife, your boss, your car, your bank, your holiday, your tax return, your everything. It is all about what you want. Not what others want or what would be best for all around.

Paul Newman died recently. He was a great man. He gave more in his life then the GNP of most small nations. If we as the same species as this man were even 5% like him in our every day to day lives, the world would be a better place for it. And I only mention him because everyone knows who he is. And if you don’t, come out from under that rock of self importance and try seeing the world as a place that isn’t all for you and all about you.

I hate a lot of things, and this only scratching the surface of the things I hate. I wish I didn’t hate anything.

Ollie :)

PS: excuse any spelling mistakes or grammar please, I can’t be bothered spell checking right now.

Grumpy Old Thirty Something.


West Moonah, Australia

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Just a rant about you, because it is all about you.

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