great old times

I remember when i was a kid going out to the frm to see grandma and grandpa and uncle johnny.the farm was in athabaska alberta canada.we would go on weekends.

we play game we made up cards and have parties. go for ride on my cousin snow mobile.and get thrown off when it hit a big bump and land head first in a snow bank even though i got cold and we it was fun. we play this game upset the fruit basket

goes like this,one person would be it go into the center circle ,other swould sit in chairs arround the circle and the person who was it ould give each person a name of a fruit ,like oranges and then call out two names of a fruit andthe two people who were given those two fruit would run and exchange chairs. the person who was it would also run and try to beat the other two people to the chair,who ever didnt get the chair was the next person to be it. Dad and mom ’s mom who lived at this farm were very close and dad would always try to out run grandma for the chair and knock her over.he didnt do it to be nasty but he never did knock her down just try to.

we would also have hay fights in the barn, right after uncle johnny brought the bales out from the fields. play baseball

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