groundhogs day

My name is lorraine,i live in western canada. in the city i live in at this park is a family of groundhogs.well the first time i saw one was just the mother and that was about the beginning of may.about a wek later i was at this same park then i saw her again this time with three babies,i put down some food for them and they came really close up too me,mother groundhog came so close to me that she toughed her nose one the camera lense. i started going to see them every second day, they now me pret good now and come right to me ven if i dont have anything to give them,everyone that goes to this park feeds them.

the live down by the river banks,and there;s a male groundhog that lives by a hill .he dug hole by this wooded shack and that’s where he lives,some one nicked named him stumpy becaue he hasn’t got a tail a dog bit it off.

they are so cute , they have never bitten me i alwasy where sandles and the babies alwast like to chek me out and have come to look at my toes and one likec my toes thinking it was something to eat but never has bitten me.

the babies are getting pretty big must be at least 6 to 7 weeks now so mother groundhog should me kicking them out of her den soon .then she will have new babies,and thes ebabie sof her snow will move on nd probably stay still in the park

i have taken lots of photos of them,they seem to like it me taking pictures of them

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