Memoirs of a 2039 Survivor, as Written by a 2007 Man.

This is an idea/concept for a short story/novel that I came up with during a creative writing course. I’ll post entries of it every so often. It starts out like this…

March 29th, 2036 First Entry

There is now a forest on the eastern seaboard of New Jersey. They call it the Blue Forest. I’m not too sure how it came to be. In 2033 it started to grow after the infamous bombing of 2030. Most likely a combination of nuclear radiation and the sap of some well stood trees. Hell, I don’t know, I’m not a scientist of any sort.
Elizabeth and I arrived here around May 25, 2035. This forest has become our scared hostel of safety. It protects from me the outside world, the forest blocks out reality. It is purity in this hellhole of a world.
There are not too many more people around these days. Most anyone I knew are dead or moved out of the country, merely out of spite of our government. The New World Order wasn’t too popular of a movement. Everyone was damned here anyway. All I’ve come know now is the Blue Forest. It has its deer and its trees. It’s all so simple. I have my loving wife, I have my home and I have the freedom to watch the deer run and choice to watch the trees grow. There isn’t a single item in even the tiniest and remote corner of the Blue Forest with a price tag. If you could simply believe a life of such simplicity, a life without money, you would instantly contain in yourself a small amount of purity.
There are two loves in my life at the moment, my youth and Elizabeth. I think if I were a scientist, I could prove they ease the cancer in my veins. To run through the forest with her is a beauty every man should experience with his woman.

March 30th , 2036
“I started again.”
-The Sound of Animals Fighting

I’ll never amount to much; that came to me today. Seeing as Elizabeth and I were in college at the time of the bombings, I can’t and won’t leave an impact in the world without an education. My life’s work may not be worth a damn to some, but I hope to maybe be respected rather than admired for what little I have accomplished. I want the feeling of importance. I want someone to give a shit about my life. So many people a day die. Most of these people haven’t left anything for the future and next to nobody will have anyone give two shits for their life. Those damn communists took quite a lot from me but yet; believe the irony in the world how it took some bombs and worldwide death and demise for me to find what I have been looking for. Most people might excommunicate their faith, whereas I’ve discovered the whole ordeal lead to my assurance in God. I was looking for hope. Before I arrived here I hoped for Elizabeth and me to find a safe haven. The Blue Forest is our Church, I found hope.
My newfound belief in God is based solely on the facts that nature could not create anything as vile as the human beings roaming this earth. Take a look at our world and you will see genocide, worldwide hunger and disease, and war. Raging, damned war. As we were made in the image of Him, I do think we are the evil twins that look back at Him in the mirror. God’s love must be tossing in its grave. Faith is dead and this is just a memoir of a man.

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