The Storm

Life seems to have been just one big storm with breaking clouds from time to time. Years ago I once saw the sun, the earth smelled fresh, the flowers bloomed. With the air crisp and lite, I took a deep breath and stretched out my arms, dreams of the future were in my site. So few words to explain how I felt that night. It got cold, the winds picked up, I turned around, the clouds rolled in, everything was Grey once again. I put on my gear trying to stay dry, battling the storm, watching the sky. I ran for shelter, my heart pounding with fear, the heart of the storm I felt was near. Enough I cried out with all my might. I’m tired of putting up with this dreadful fight. As I dropped to my knees the wind grew still once again the sun had reappeared. The warmth fell over my heart and soul, warming me up to take control. Everything now is so crisp and clear, the mistakes of my past will help me here. I’ve got a chance at life again, at the top I’ll firmly take my stand.

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