Clarence Boddicker

“What’s up Detroit?”/

Ed-209/ flaws come alive./
Blind leading blind./

Delta city be wary,/ from ruins to riches./
Antagonize the protagonists wishes./

The money is hungry,/ it’s been fed before./
Gluttonous power/ scorching the source./
OCP be the death of he./
“Dead or alive you’re coming with me.”/

Machine from man./
“Let’s give the man a hand.”/
How many bullets until you can’t stand?/

Robocop will you live forever?/
I won’t live forever./
He will live forever!/

You think your justice can catch me?/
My hired guns./
You think your resolution is happy?/
“Bang!/ Bang!”/

Scrap metal you’ll become!/
“Bye, bye baby.”/

[sample] “Can you fly Bobby?”
{guitar harmony riff}
[sample] “Clarence no!”

What goes around comes around!/
What goes around came around!/
Recycled parts in this machine/ bent on life./

I am the most ruthless./
The heart of the scourge./
Stifle your heroics./
Swallow your courage!/

We bring the anarchist/ show!/
Send for a medic./
Spectrum assesses./
Objectives are death./

“State of the art.”/
The artist of war./
War of the state/ hell bent on new change./

To serve the public trust you must./
To protect the innocent is your cause./
To uphold the law is your flaw./
Prime directive four no more./

[choir] x2
You serve the public trust./
You protect the innocent./
You must uphold the law./
Fight Prime Directive Four./

We’ll get you back,/ the plan of attack./
The cobra strikes as proposed by all./
We’ll get you back,/ memories re-intact./
The eagle revived by alloy, is going down./

As do gods I created my fate!/
Murphy’s law,/ effect will take the cause./

“I am Old Detroit!”/
I run this town!/
I don’t fuck around!/

My throat/ streams blood./
I taste defeat!/

Old Detroit/ will be saved/ because of me!/

[sample]: “I like it!”

Clarence Boddicker


Saint Paul, United States

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Artist's Description

Note: the lines with (") around them are quoted from the movie that are inserted into the song.

This song is based off of the great movie, Robocop.
This is one of the crazier songs we have due to our guitarist’s writing style and constant time signature and chord progression changes. This song is only if anyone wants to hear it. Only thing is there aren’t any lyrics on it yet, it is only instrumental.

If you have seen the movie then this song should be vaguely easy to understand. I wrote it through the point of view of the main bad guy, Clarence Boddicker [played by the great Kirkwood Smith].

I wrote it to depict how his arrogance is very present and he was the “ruler” of Old Detroit. The thing I like to emphasize on is that he is the reason for his downfall. If he wouldn’t of tried to kill Officer Murphy, then Robocop would never have been made.

I play with this concept at the end of the song and I wanted to portray Clarence’s final moments when he realizes that he is killed by what he created. In doing so, he technically created the savior of Old Detroit.

Defining moments:
The first two samples used are from the scene when Clarence throws his injured comrade out of the back of the speeding van onto the cop car.

I am always in favor of the use of present and then using the same verb in past of present tense to emphasize the movement of the song. [See also the end of “Castor, Meet Pollux”]

I wanted to use all of Robocop’s laws as a repeating part in the song, since it is a big part of the movie. When the choir begins, the guitars do some nifty solo work, so I wanted to bring the focus away from the vocals as much as possible.

The line “The cobra strikes…” is referring to the weapons that Clarence and his gang obtain. The Cobra Assault Rifles. In the line “The eagle revived…” the eagle is a derogatory representation of law enforcement and government.

In the line, “Murphy’s law, effect will take the cause.” I was trying to refer to both Murphy the cop and how his laws to protect drove him to defeat Clarence, and the superstitious “Murphy’s law” where anything the can go wrong, will go wrong.

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