Castor, Meet Pollux

The treachery,/ the analogous kin,/
They were the downfall we created in/ turn./
We shall die together brother./

Upon white horses/ the sky will ride and guide./
We ascend./
Beg for me softly./
Beg for me softly!/

Unhook your strings from the mortal tide./
I’ll give my father’s burden,/ just to be by your side./
Why should I die if you still live?/
My father’s curse, Tyndareus!/
The shiv of divinity./
Humanity’s immortality!/

I cannot be left to my own./
Half eternity begets half dead!/

Of two is one,/
Left then is none,/
Pollux agreed instead./
That life of one,/
Is little fun,/
And better off dead./
So woe me your soul./

Dioskouri until death,/ lovers entwined in revenge./
Dioskouri until death,/ lovers entwined in revenge./

Lynceus’ eyes,/were the demise/ of my brother still./
Start death’s chill./
If looks could kill./

Idas’ rage/ was of his great strength./ The killer bore a sharpened spear./
Animosity I taste!/
As he went out his new length,/ it caught upon your rib I fear./

The battle of loves first light,/ the fall of romance./
The lynx,/ but still the poison bites,/ his last dance./
Idas have you seen your plight!?/
Will this be the end?/
Strike him down./

Lightning and thunder the storm,/ forewarn the kyr./
Idas fell by my father’s hand,/
Thou struck him down!/

What is now left?/ I am Castor unwhole./
To spend my life in Hades,/ within my parole./
Dear father,/ mine giver,/ please share my gift./
We travel,/ together,/ in time,/ our divine shift./

We shall die together brother./
Dioskouri until death./
Lovers entwined in revenge./

They cast themselves through fire and brine./
To Tartaros and the Sky./

The princes of duality, of mortal and divine./
The dual shall rule where both worlds combine./
Dioskouri until forever, the twins, a god’s sons./
Dear Castor,/ meet Pollux./
The world became one./

The world becomes one!/

Castor, Meet Pollux


Saint Paul, United States

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Artist's Description

FYI: when you see a (/) that just shows where I take a breathe, rhythmic metering and a general spacing of how it is sung. I may eventually figure out the actual timing structure, and I will put it up eventually.

This is a rendition of the Greek story of the death of Castor. Castor and Pollux are the same as the Gemini constellation.

In the old story, Castor is born of a mixture of mortal father [Tyndareus] and Zeus and Pollux is of only Zeus. Thus, Castor is mortal while his twin brother is immortal.

Castor and Pollux had 2 cousins, Lynceus and Idas. These brothers had two beautiful brides who’s symbols were White horses. Castor and Pollux stole them away and the cousins were angered but waited to have revenge.

One day the four of them were raiding a town and were planning to divide up the cattle that they captured. Idas made a deal with them that it would be divided by whomever eats the most. Idas was huge and very strong. He ate his up and Lynceus’ as well. He then argued that he deserved all.

Arguing and fighting left Castor and Pollux empty of plunder. They formed a plan to steal the cattle while Idas and Lynceus were having dinner with an uncle. They got to the next town and went into hiding.

After Lynceus and Idas finished their dinner they noticed they had been had. They traveled after them. Castor kept watch in a tree while Pollux went to release the cattle, but Lynceus had the power to see in the dark [where modern Lynx received it’s name] and saw him in the tree from far away.

Enraged, Idas and Lynceus ambushed Castor and Idas stabbed him with his spear. Castor was able to warn Pollux and a fight broke out. Pollux was able to down Lynceus but Idas was in the moment of Pollux’s demise. Zeus, who was watching, intervened at the last moment and killed Idas.

Pollux pleaded with Zeus to give his brother half of his immortality. Zeus did on one condition. They would both have to spend equal amounts of time in Olympus and Hades [in some stories it is half in heaven and half on earth].

I wanted to show the strong bond between brothers and the heroic and noble offering of ones immortality for his love for his twin. One of my favorite stories. This song is almost recorded! It is going to be intense!

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