Being a Blind Photographer

Photos by blind photographers

I Was listenting to a radio program about these blind photographers and how they miss out on the whole experince of actually seeing the end result of their art. One photographer Bruce Hall, Limpet
is "Afflicted with numerous eye conditions, Hall retains highly limited sight. For him, cameras and other optical devices are a means of better perceiving the world around him. “It’s beyond being in love with cameras,” he says. “I need cameras.”

They were also talking about how sighted photographers are so caught up in small technical jargon and how they produce images that reflect too much though etc and in the end just create generic, overdone images because they see too much- It’s not simple!

Where as blind people create an image in their mind and try somehow to capture it. Some have brail thingys on their camras so they can feel their way and also brail on their prints so they can also “see” what they have captured.

It’s inspiring to know that you can do anything you want if you try. Just because you don’t have the physical tools (eg, arms, legs, sight) you can still have a go.

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