Another entry...but not in the same day!

Heck so I’m a writer and I have something else to say so I must write. Yup I’m on the bubble again! : ) Perhaps there will soon come a day when I don’t wander the bubble world every single day but for now I’m new and I’m excited!

Ok what was I writing again, oh yeah that’s right! I was going to say that you do really gather inspiration from other artists because you look at other peoples work and go, ‘oh yeah, that’s cool! I might try that.’

But is it copying another artists idea or is it like just drawing inspiration and then trying to do it your way? Hmm…this is the part where I’m confused! Because I’ve seen so many cool ideas that I would want to try, I guess if you copy the essential idea behind it but not the actual content it’s fine aye?

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