So when do I sell my work?

Wow, two entries in one day! Well I am hooked on this site, because I just love browsing peoples work but the main and initial reason I joined was to see if I could sell any of my work! But everytime I log on and check " my bubble" for any sales, nothing. Are my pictures too boring? Are they too generic? I wander what images people will want to buy?

I guess I’m just impatient and expect results straight away. I wander how many people have actually made sales on here and how often. How long were they on here before they made their first sale?

Then secondary to the whole sales thing is just the fact that I want to become a better photographer and joining all these groups and participating in the challenges is fun so I guess if I don’t sell anything on here it’s a great way to expose my work and just get to know more artists and their work.

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