I feel like I haven’t been on RB in years!! And it’s true, I really haven’t been on here properly in years as in to browse other peoples works, comment, upload photos etc. I haven’t neglected my photography though… in fact I have definatley improved through alot of practising, reading mags/blogs/googling and even started a weekend hobby of doing photoshoots. I intially started it to raise money for a charity I was supporting and thought this would be a great way to raise money for charities that I support.…

The thing is, I still don’t call myself or see myself as a photographer! Because my definition of a photographer is someone who is a “Professional” in most aspects of photographer and most of their shots are 100% nearly perfect—-so I don’t know what I am yet I know I’ve taken off my “L”

My bubble popped!

It popped a while back…just not finding the same enthusiasm I had when I first joined.…

I don’t know if it’s tiredness from being busy with work and not having time to take out my camera for fun or just the fact that I’m not finding that my creativity is glowing dimly.

Like when I first joined I was so keen and excited to go and shoot stuff just so I could upload it on the bubble to share.

I still log on everyday to check anything new and moderate the group I belong to but I don’t really spend as much time as I used to, on here…

But on the upside I did sell one sticker yesterday and thanks to the person who bought it. I always love seeing that email from RB saying you’ve sold something! So far I’ve made $0.50 something this year (I feel so rich right now : )

Oh and my pictures that I took

Concept of photo ownership

The concept of who owns an image is very interesting.
I don’t know if I’m extremely tired or the thought just entered my mind like a brain wave……

When a photographer takes a picture of a person, with their permission or even without their permission— who has the most ownership of the image?

It may have been the photographers art, direction and idea to take the shot but if the person in it doesn’t agree to it then the photographer can’t use it because it’s going against the persons wishes & touching on privacy issues.

Where does the paparazzi come into this? Is it because famous people are public property? I’ve always thought I’d make a good paparazzi photographer, but I would work for myself and be a nice one.

I would approach famous people nicely & If they didn’t want to I would respect th

Made a Book

“Check It”:
If you want to that is : )

A Life of Poverty is a book of images of people I have seen on my travels who don’t have the most fortunate life, who live in poverty. So many tourists visit these places, so this is a take a kind of ironic or sarcastic(it’s hard to explain) take on the places that we take for granted as people living in 1st world countries

Was fun putting it together and just ordered it today so will wait for it to arrive in the mail…hmmm maybe RB should offer book products for people who want to make books out of their photographs/ art!

New adventures to capture

Right now I’m killing time at the airport, getting ready to board and fly to the Philippines for 10 days. I have a midnight flight and I HATE sleeping on long flights-so uncomfortable!…

I love going somewhere new, especially overseas because it really is a photographers dream to travel and capture amazing scenes landscape and people in a foreign country.

I would really love to focus on getting alot of candid portraits of people but we’ll see how brave I am at pointing my camera at someone in another country…

I’m abit worried about my camera though. You see I decided to carry my Olympus E-pen because the battery seems to die so quickly on me which is really frustraiting because I was awanting to video tape and shoot pics as well so it’s going to really annoy me if I have to charge my batter

Profesionals vs Unprofessionals

I recently read a post on Flickr about some wedding photographers- who had been in the game for quiet a while, complaining about losing work to unprofessional photographers who a cheapening their craft.…

This is due to the fact that anyone thinks they can photograph weddings and charge people, when they’ve just bought a high end SLR camera and call themselves a photographer with their own website- charging people at a low cost. Naturally people will most likely go for the low cost if they’re getting about the same result as a professional wedding photography, who charges and arm and a leg. This, however, means that the professional photographers have to compete by perhaps lowering their cost. For most this is their livelihood!

It got me thinking— because I was recently asked and paid to ph

Dear Journal...

I would just like to say that I’m excited about getting my new lens- Nikkor 50mm F 1.8D. I bought it over ebay and it should be arriving in the mail shortly. I have read a few reviews about it and from the sounds of things it is quite a good lens for the price!

I know the lens isn’t what makes a good photographer but I still can’t wait to see what sort of images I can produce from it- and buying new camera toys is always fun : )

that’s about all journal I must now be off to la la land to catch some zzzz’s

3.6.5 unedtied

Dear Journal,

Yesterday I decided to start the 365 days photo project, since I take pictures nearly everyday either on my camera phone or camera anyways so I thought I’d make it official and give myself the challange.

I haven’t really decided on a subject yet- but I have decided that all my images will be natural and unedited since I always have the urge to “fix up” all my images whenever I take a pic.

Maybe this will also help me to try and take a good picture in the first place and then I can hopefully see the progress of my better picture taking skills as the year progresses. I don’t know… we’ll see how that works out!

So I’m hoping I can stay committed to this project.

I will research other 365 projects for inspiration.

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