The Post Processing Conundrum

Ok let me start-When I was growing up, (15 in 1994) I was hooked on the Amiga computer. I loved doing everything on it. Video work, to DTP to graphics work. I sat for hours rendering pretty cool 3D animation. I was kinda heading toward a career in graphics but could not draw for the life of me. So I gave this up and became a cartographer., which I love. I get to travel the world, meet great people and see wonderful things. This has only heightened my interest in photography. I have always loved photography and my dad (Geoff46) does also. My technical skills have improved with practice and I take enough photos that just by the law of averages, I have to get a nice one eventually! My problem now though is this-post processing.

I used to be big into web design, and hence Photoshop. Now however i dislike the thought of playing around with my photos. Its almost cheating. I am gradually forcing myself to start using it a bit (Suburban Lifestyle), and have liked my results. However I still do not want to spend hrs I do not have playing around with an image. I feel that many of my images are lacking the final touch to make them much better. I suppose part of the issue is that I dont know what to do. Im sure many of my photos require better cropping, saturation enhancement etc.

I have picked up Adobe Lightroom and trying to at least do some basic develop tools. Does anyone else have the same issues as me? What can I do? How many hours do you guys spend post processing? How do you feel about it all?

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