Living under a rock? Stuck in a space / time paradox?
Didn’t know about redbubble’s stickers?!

Well now you do (Hopefully). All t-shirts etc can now be turned into stickery goodness!

New Avatar!... err for me... not the movie...

Hey all your freakishly good looking peoples!…

I have been informed that its a new year, and i think i need a new avatar for the new year… I want to use an extreme close up of one of my works as a avatar… this is where i need you… yes you there with that “tasteful” jersey / sweater….

Can someone… anyone have a look at my shirts/art portfolio on RB and demand / comment on this Journal entry a piece of work to base my avatar on?

There is huge cash prizes… on tv that I cannot compete with… so you are really just doing this of the RB love of it… (cheap bastard that I am arrr)

_Democrazy Inc does not endorse drugs or the illegal use of enslaving blue people. Demodude may choose or not choose, at his or his many lawyers discretion, which art work will suffice… Chuck Noris is no way or

alt + option + apple + control + command + tiddle key

Hey ho to the RB community……

I have been of the busy beaver type as of late, new job, new stress, new leaving my lovely family to slog it out in a 8:30 – 5:30 death match ring sort of thing…. btw faking a sweep and doing a jump kick fire ball combo works really well (big thanks to sub zero for that one :P)

Well my sales have starting picking up again on RB they were looking rather bleak as i have not had the time to update or join in with the community side of things of late. Interesting thing is it’s all non RB people as none of them have names etc where as at the start alot of my tees were bought by members… hmmmm

Hope all is well and everyone in the southern hemi’ is braving the winter weather well…

Anyway i will let you all get back to your Facebooking and wise cracks around the water

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