Living under a rock? Stuck in a space / time paradox?
Didn’t know about redbubble’s stickers?!

Well now you do (Hopefully). All t-shirts etc can now be turned into stickery goodness!

*Survivor T-Shirt Losers* Come Be Part Of History!

Ladies, gentlemen and lady-man ladies Survivor T-Shirt Losers™ is coming to your shores!

For years sub quality pond scum t-shirts have sat at the bottom of o0OdemocrazyO0o’s profile, its time for the natural selection mimicking powers of reality tv to sort them out.

Each episode, shirts will fight it out to stay on o0OdemocrazyO0o’s t-shirt profile! 5 will be chosen from the bottom of the heap to up for your vote to be sent off the island…

This Episodes Losers to vote from

Heart Krew T-Shirt born in a bath tub in Cape Town, hes been known to collect collectible otters.

X Marks the Spot A surfer from landlocked Alice Springs. Claims she can eat 12 dry Wheatbix…

People Are People Man A long haired, unwashed, incense inhaling, hippy who mistakenly believes that the environment is important

New Colab Call Out - This One a Giant Robot!

HI guys,

I am requesting another round of colabs for a random piece of art i have started…

You can finish it in any medium, style, knitting – I don’t care

No time limit – only rule is you have to link me when you have finished so i can collate them together with links to your profile or whateva (which gives you more traffic)

(I still have to collate the last colab – thought i would give them more time :D)

Anyone interested?

Ask me for high res…

Thumbnail is a image of robot defender / invader? with sparky fire ball fist action… you be the judge…

New Avatar!... err for me... not the movie...

Hey all your freakishly good looking peoples!…

I have been informed that its a new year, and i think i need a new avatar for the new year… I want to use an extreme close up of one of my works as a avatar… this is where i need you… yes you there with that “tasteful” jersey / sweater….

Can someone… anyone have a look at my shirts/art portfolio on RB and demand / comment on this Journal entry a piece of work to base my avatar on?

There is huge cash prizes… on tv that I cannot compete with… so you are really just doing this of the RB love of it… (cheap bastard that I am arrr)

_Democrazy Inc does not endorse drugs or the illegal use of enslaving blue people. Demodude may choose or not choose, at his or his many lawyers discretion, which art work will suffice… Chuck Noris is no way or

Calling out for art work colab!

Any one wanna colab?

I have a scan of a “on the phone” doodle (300DPI hi-res jpg or vector art if better) that I want coloured or artified" any style just for the fun of it…

Don’t care what you do to it… let your spirit(s) guide you…

Let me know if you are interested… may even do multiple colabs and display the different styles.

Yeah Bwuddies!

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait