6 best FACEBOOK APPs for artists...

Facebook provides a place for you to represent your business, and that is Facebook Pages (here my page).

Here’s the reason to have your own Facebook Page (as well as your own Profile):

  1. More people can find out about your business because your Page gets indexed and is searchable inside and outside of Facebook!

The site is totally free and everyone can see it, doesn’t matter if he is already a Facebook member or not…

So there is no reason not do do it!

Here a video how to install Facebook Pages if you are a beginner…

And here I want to introduce the 6 best FACEBOOK PAGES ADDs…


Great to upload the art of your choice with links to your purchasing site…


There you can import your website contents via rss and write notes…


Here you can import up to 5 of favorite rss feeds…


You can post to Twitter directly from Facebook, see all your followed twitters and display your twitter-posts to your profile at Facebook.


You can sell your art and shirts also directly from Facebook! There is an app, which helps you to show to the world, what you would like to sell, with the link to your purchasing site… And you would not believe how much people are watching the stuff!


Last but not least you can show your newest Redbubble art and shirts as a presentation directly at your Facebook wall. Very useful.

When you add the apps be sure, that you add them to your Facebook PAGE and not only to the PROFILE… Like this you can share all your artistic news to the world outside, since Facebook is the most growing social community (even if you don’t like to hear it).

With a lot of greetings

Nuh Sarche

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