Tricks how to sell more...

I show you here some tricks, how to sell more…

But first some basics….

  1. Don’t forget, that you are selling to real customers, not other RedBubblers (even when it sometimes happens…)

And because of this, the customer has to find you, when you didn’t call his attention on your own, already….

And how he finds you…. mostly through Google of course.

  1. That’s why it is so important, that you tag your work right…

But even when you do this, it needs a little trick, that the customer also sees your work…

Here an example:

When I look for my work at Google and type for example “Shirt Allah”, I will see this pictures And what did I found? I really have found some of my shirts… This is great! But when you click at the pictures, you will find a little trick behind this….

When you click at the pictures, you will see, that what appears, is not the original t-shirt picture, but pictures, which I have copied to the description at the right side…

And why is it so… Because, Google (only) shows the pictures, which you have in your descriptions and comments! When I would not have this shirt-pictures in my description, so noone would ever find my shirts… And this is the trick:

  1. Put pictures of other work in your description (of same theme as your main work)…

And do it in that way, that everyone can already see the whole product, not only the design or the photography, because this doesn’t attract the customer… just another picture next to others…

And another small trick:

  1. Link the pictures not to your art-main page, but directly to the selling site

It saves the time of the customer… he doesn’t need to read all the comments of other RedBubblers, when he just wants to buy something…

And don’t forget, that:

  1. The pictures in descriptions are visible at your BubbleSite

So when you also put in your comments a big detail-picture of your work, it maybe will appear more attractive and shows the great quality of your work…

I wish you a lot of sells…

Nuh Sarche

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