My First Sale (well, first to someone who isn't me)

I know there is a fair amount of “look at me I sold something” that goes on and fills up bubbleland journals, but I’ve always maintained that it was fair enough to do it the very first time you sell something. I’ve pined for the day when I too could stand on my very small stage and shout to the vast tracts of bubbleland – “Hey there, look at me, I did it!”

Well, today’s the day! Some kind and most likely deluded yet fashion conscious soul reached into their hard earned and bought one of my t-shirts- I don’t know who you are, but thanks.

Anyway, I promise that this is my one and only “I sold something” journal entry (of course it may also be the one and only time I actually sell something), but I tell you what, after 20+ months of putting stuff out there, it’s nice to finally be able to write it!

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