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The very sight of his own face was all it took to drive himself crazy, to drive himself towards that open window of a new life. His sun was black with bitter cold light shining down. The sky was a mess of purples, lavenders, and violets. The grass growing across the horizon was the clear blue color of what he thought the natural color of oceans, lakes, rivers, and even the sky was. *That same open window is all he ever sees.

Before all of that, Jason was an average guy. He woke up in the mornings, drank some coffee, checked his e-mail, and headed off to start his day. He had just graduated high school and was looking into some colleges. Never did he do anything out of the ordinary. His mother, Lisa, loved him without a doubt. She was proud of him and his determination to get into college, which she never had the chance to do. His father, Arthur, was a business man. He took very good care of Lisa and supported Jason through everything. All together they were an average “sitcom” family.
During high school, Jason never had trouble with school. His best class was Psychology. After he graduated he decided to pursue a career in Psychology and become a counselor. Arthur was going to pay for most of the entry fees, but Jason also wrote some essays to receive scholarships and student loans. The top school of choice he had was a small community college only an hour or so away. Little did he know, that his choice was soon to become the choice that led him straight into the wrong situation.
His best friend* was Seth. Throughout high school, Seth was always the trouble maker and Jason was the one who got him out of trouble. They have been best friends since the day they met in sixth grade. Seth moved into the city after his parents divorce. He had lived on the outskirts of town before that. On Seth’s first day of school, he got into trouble for throwing paper airplanes during class. Jason was known as the good kid so the teacher asked him to show Seth where the office was. The second they were walking nest to each other was when they became inseparable.
Ninth grade was different. Jason got good grades and studied non-stop. Seth got a lot of girls, then girls turned into drugs, and drugs turned into addictions. Jason never judged him for that, but it did bother him. He could never count on Seth, or trust him to do something and do it right. Seth graduated on time and moved onto college with Jason. They both were heading towards a long, long road with no directions. Neither of them were prepared for anything that was that far ahead.

“Hey are all of your things packed?” Jason asked as he walked by Seth and patted him on the back.
“I sure hope so because we’re not coming back anytime soon right?” Seth sarcastically said back.
“Yeah, man, I don’t know what it is, but I feel really nervous about something. You think I should be doing this?” he asked with a shaky tone.
“Dude, it’s you life. If you want to sit around here for the rest of your life and try coming out with me for a change*, then we can always do that,” he made the impression that it should be tempting, “or, you can go to college, get a degree and a job, and live the rest of your life as an ordinary guy with an ordinary job and an ordinary life. I’m just going for the parties and the ladies,” he joked. The only reason Seth does all the things he does, is for those reasons.
“You’re such an ass dude. Have you ever had a real girlfriend?”
Seth looks at him for a second with a funny-but-trying-to-be-serious face and thinks, “Actually in sixth grade I dated that volleyball player remember? But that’s beside the point. We’re going to college ” he yells as he half punches Jason in the shoulder*.
Jason loosens up and puts a smile on, “Alright lets get going then.”
The trip took them about an hour and twenty minutes. Loud music and a lot of trash filled the truck with a certain vibe. No real conversation took place but they did talk a little. Most of it was just Jason talking to Seth about the new truck. His parents bought it for him when he graduated. All his hard work paid off with a new truck and a road to college.
They left earlier in the morning so they could have the whole day to get settled in their new home away from home. It’s a small off campus apartment and it’s walking distance away from McDonalds and Taco Bell. They were curious to see how many kids from their high school were staying close by so they were going to call around. It was their first night completely on their own so Seth was not about to let his best friend waste it by sitting around like always.
Brad, a close friend of Seth’s, was living in the apartment right next door. He was Seth’s connection for anything he wanted, so that was the first guy he called.
Brad heard his phone ring so he answered, “Hello?”
“Hey Brad It’s Seth,” he was as enthusiastic as possible.
“Ah hey man, how’s it going,” he already knew what Seth wanted to he kept talking, “planning a party tonight?”
“You got it?”
Brad answered him, like talking to a five year old, “I always got it dude, you know that.”
“Well what the hell are you waiting for then? Get over here ” Seth hung up without waiting for Brad to say anything back.
Seth got off the phone and looked at Jason. Jason noticed him and already knew what he was going to say. It had become a ritual. Seth plans out parties, Jason doesn’t party. Seth influences him to go, but he doesn’t go. Every time, that’s how it worked.
“Jase, come on man. Tonight’s our first night on our own. We have to celebrate,” Seth complained.
Jason noticed that he called him Jase. He only calls him that when he means for it to really get to him. Normally those I-love-you-to-death-but-won’t-admit-it moments between guys.
Jason sits and thinks for a second. For the first time he is feeling something that is pushing him towards it, like butterflies of excitement fluttering around in his gut. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about what his parents think. If there’s no parents, then there’s no rules. Maybe it’s because he told himself and he told Seth that he wanted to try new things in college, experience something different for a change. After a while, he finally decided he was going to do what all of his friends have done for years, for the first time.
He picks up his head and looks at Seth, “Yeah, you’re right, we do have to celebrate. You have to celebrate for two reasons tonight though okay?”
“And what’s the second reason?”
Because we’re celebrating my first part,” Jason said as a big smile swarms over his face and is passes to Seth’s face.

“Brad, you got the stuff?” Seth asked as he opened the apartment door.
Annoyed, Brad walks through the door and answered, “Man, what kind of question is that? Of course I got the stuff What are you? An idiot?”
“Whatever, but you’re never going to believe this Jason is partying tonight *”
“Good thing we’ve got the best of the best in my pocket tonight.”
“Yeah, real good thing,” Seth mumbles back as the conversation dies.
Brad walks in and acknowledges everyone. He was the guy no one messed with, especially if Seth was standing behind him. Brad and Seth together got suspended 6 times last year for fighting. They knew how to handle anyone.
As for Jason, he was nervous. His gut feeling that pushed him to go along was slowly fading as the night went on. Seth was trying to comfort him a few times but knew that it was better to let him be. For about two hours Jason just sat in the corner on a chair watching everyone else have fun rather than actually have fun himself. He was still watching everyone when he noticed Brad lean over and whisper something in Seth’s ear. Seth nodded in response and they both looked over at him. Suddenly Jason knew they were planning something for him to do, so he kept watching.
Seth was still looking at Jason from across the room when Brad reached into his pocket. He pulled out a little Ziploc bag and nudged it in Seth’s direction. Jason started sweating on the top of his forehead. He wasn’t sure if he should look away or ask what’s going on. Instead, he did neither. Seth started walking toward him with the bag. He sat down and just stared at Jason.
They sat in silence for a few empty moment. Seth leaned over, stretching out his arm that held the bag, and placed it on the table. Jason could easily see what it was now. Inside of the bag *sitting in front of him, was two pill capsules. They had already gotten him to drink, but it wasn’t anything major.
Jason felt like a cement statue, sitting there with no life in him and no emotion. *Every muscle, every hair, every fold in his clothing, and even the wrinkles on his face, did not move when he lifted his eyes away from the bag.
“Dude, I don” Jason tried saying, but was cut-off by Seth.
“You don’t have to take both,” he answered as if he was asking, “but this is the perfect way for you to get into the groove of your new lifestlye. You’ll be able to walk around and gloat ,’Yeah, I’ve taken acid, no big deal,’ instead of being some computer geek who knows too much for his own good.”
Jason started pleading back, “No. No, I’ll make a deal. If you don’t make me take that then I’ll drink as much as you want me to. Really.”
“Come on man. This one, *harmless capsule, is nothing but an imagination booster. It won’t kill you and it won’t make you puke. I promise, Jase,” Seth said, doing everything he could to make Jason trust him, “I’ve taken it plenty of times and I’m sitting right here next to you.”
“I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, you know?”
“Dude, we’ve got this made. *No worries,” he said, hoping to make Jason feel safer.
“If I take one, you’re taking the other one. That’s the only way I’ll do it,” he reaches for the bag and looks up at Seth one more time. Seth nods back, guiding him to keep going.

im still working on the ending

i dont have a title yet...


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