Close call...

I had a close call Wednesday night. Just as my foot touched the other side of an intersection I heard a smash turned around & a car had speed through a red light hitting a guy on a scooter who entered the intersection just as I finished crossing it.

Needless to say I was first on scene and it turned out to be a very exciting next 5 minutes. The guy off the bike was still sliding on the road as I turned around about ten meters away from his completely smashed scooter. His body was limp as he flopped to a stop, and I was sure he was dead. I happened to have my mobile in my hand at the time rang 000, they got me to check if he was breathing. I looked into his helmet and his eyes were wide open in a very panicked state, I’ve never seen first hand eyes like his, but at least he was alive.

By this time some people had jumped out of cars and were comforting him as I finished my call to 000. Just when I didn’t think things could get anymore freaky, some how the guys wife and teenage daughter happened to be in the traffic got out to see what was the hold up and saw their husband/dad laying on the road. The daughter starts screaming going hysterical and runs across to her father almost getting hit by a car herself.

I singled out the also freaked out wife and reassured her I called an ambulance. Then a couple of the people started getting a bit agro as they had decided that the male driver of the car had done a runner. This is working the daughter up and she’s screaming she’s going to kill the guy who did this, blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile a bystander comes over to me and says that the driver of the car had returned, was completely besides themselves and actually a teenage girl on P plates. Back to the guy on the ground and the people around him, mainly daughter are still going on about the guy that had hit him, none of these people actually saw the prang, but had already decided it was a male “hoon” who’d hit the biker in cold blood and done a runner. Bloody humans.

Anyhow I wanted to correct them but thought if I pointed out that the driver was at the scene the daughter could go nuts and do something stupid in her heightened state of emotion.

The ambulances arrived, this all happened in 3-5min.

My girlfriend was held up in the same traffic.

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