My Lucid Thinking Hour

Too many geese in the kitchen. It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last and it’s not always finger-licking good.

Behave, be fare and be careful. Three things an actual bee has never been. They have no counselling for disorderly bee’s, no structure that organises fairness and if careful, stinging a 6 ft Homo sapien surely stretches the meaning. Ok I’ll let ride due to the honey.

Creep, heap, neat, three unrelated words…..well unless you found a neat creep in a heap.

World seem upside down today? Don’t despair you live in the southern hemisphere.

Don’t talk to me about orgasms….oh..oh..oooooooo…now talk to me.

Point blank? Yeah you would, and how much would, would you would, if you could buddy? At least I have a special skirt day, what’s you excuse? Why are you even in my head, surly your swaying corpse would make a soothing kind of pendulum. One word for you, ‘Monkeys Arse’, ok one word broken. Get a life, take a long hard look at it and impersonate it for a while. Next time you buy a 50″ penis you may want to do the math to see if you can actually hold it.

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