A Few of My Favorite Things...

The host post with the most, roll on in.

Underground love and undercooked skin.

We fall out and fold within.

Beating yourself until you give in.

Just a few of my favourite things. It’s nice to have things.

Some people have things living in their cupboard, fridge, shed…..minds.


Things are always here and there, a superposition.

A thing is a thing.

There are ‘Thingy’s’, ‘Thingy-me-bobs’ and ‘Thingy-ma-jigs’.

A community of ‘Things’ living alongside one another in peace and harmony.

And us, constantly at war ever since we learned to use rocks as weapons of mass destruction.

Polluting. Killing. Lying. Cheating. Stealing.

Yet we lounge about believing we are the supreme beings of the Universe unaware we are being out classed, out smarted, out done by all sorts of ‘THINGS’

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