Full Description of All the Symbolism in "Your Decisions are Forever."

I tried to incorporate as much symbolism as possible. You might have inferred that the tattoo basically represents your destiny in life. It is the destiny that you’re given when you’re young.

The person’s parents are envious of his ability to link his arms behind his back because he can change his tattoo. He is young and is still flexible enough to reach back and change his destiny.

You might be thinking, “Why can’t somebody else just touch your back and change your tattoo?” Well, of course, nobody but you can change your own destiny.

His parents are average and “sickly” because they were born with an average destiny tattooed on their backs, and they never changed it. Therefore, they’re just regular, boring people.

He does not listen to his parents because obviously, as any teenager, he is more rebellious. Instead, he chooses to listen to his friends at school.

At school, the “cool kids” are the ones who skip school, go to parties, and just live it up. They never change their tattoos because they don’t think it’s worth their time. This is similar to how the “cool kids” in our society never really decide to change their destiny. They’re too locked up in instant gratification. They’d rather spend all their time partying than spend their time changing their destiny.

The famous actor’s kids are the ones whose parents were born with an awesome tattoo. Thus, they didn’t think that changing their tattoo would be beneficial. In real life, famous actors are born to be famous actors. They are just inherently lucky in their pathways in life and they didn’t have to change their destiny.

The nerdy kids are the ones who are changing their tattoos. Nerdy kids in society, are the ones who are working hard to become successful in the future. They want to change their destiny.

And obviously, at the end, the main character regrets not changing his tattoo (this is his realization) because he sees Oliver. Oliver changed his tattoo and was successful as a result.

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