Full Description of All the Symbolism in "Your Decisions are Forever."

I tried to incorporate as much symbolism as possible. You might have inferred that the tattoo basically represents your destiny in life. It is the destiny that you’re given when you’re young.…

The person’s parents are envious of his ability to link his arms behind his back because he can change his tattoo. He is young and is still flexible enough to reach back and change his destiny.

You might be thinking, “Why can’t somebody else just touch your back and change your tattoo?” Well, of course, nobody but you can change your own destiny.

His parents are average and “sickly” because they were born with an average destiny tattooed on their backs, and they never changed it. Therefore, they’re just regular, boring people.

He does not listen to his parents because obviously, as any teenager, he i

Experiecing the Joy of Photography Again!

Photography is just awesome. I used to do it every chance I get; it was calming. It just takes you from the world you’re in and puts you in the world of magic and creativity.
Unfortunately, for the longest while I was without a camera (my rechargeable batteries refused to recharge and I was left with an awesome camera that I couldn’t turn on (and my parents didn’t want to get new ones)).
But finally, I got a new camera that has a lithium-ion battery :DDD. I can tell you that I’m no professional photographer and again, all I got is a slim little Nikon Coolpix digital camera. But I give it my all and have a lot of fun doing it so I hope you’ll enjoy some of my stuff.

I'm Jerry Now!

I was getting tired of people calling me “notculpable” so I decided that I’d show my name. I trust that I live in an innocent enough place that I won’t have anyone trying to follow me.
Anyway, just call Jerry now…

Why Writing on Redbubble is So Hard

You have to gather all of your ideas into a mental clump. Or write them down if you want. But that just opens a whole new dimension of the time you have to take to slowly move your pen back and forth, back and forth.…

But wait, what if you forget an idea. And that was your big thing. Well, it sucks for you.

And then after that, here comes the hard part. Wording those ideas. A poem is nothing without some beautiful, flowing, phonetically appealing words. Thesaurus, thesaurus, thesaurus. But you don’t know half the words in there. So what if you use a word that doesn’t mean the right thing. And what if you’re trying to think of the right word and it’s on the tip of your tongue or your brain but you just can’t get it. That really demoralizes you.

Finally, you have to look it over. That makes

Not Accepting Submissions?

Whenever I come across a group out of the great lot that is no longer accepting submissions, I think, “Why?” I think, “Maybe the server’s down,” or “Maybe they’re just making room for another group.”
But it can’t be that. But if it’s not that, then what is it? They can’t be stopping the spread of excellent creative work from the many talented members, can they?

New Portrait!

Weird, eh? I just took the default picture and let’s just say I did a few things to it. Thanks to my friend who gave me the great idea. Well, finally my profile is 100% complete and I don’t have to have an annoying little box reminding me, “Upload Your Portrait”, every single time I go into the account tab. Wahoo!


I’m sorry I haven’t been able to log into Redbubble for the past few days.
I always enjoy viewing your compositions, which are all just marvelous. And your comments mean a lot to me. Thank you.
But lately, my schedule has been filled with deadlines and personal obligations (and I don’t mean video games, TV and coffee).
Hopefully, I will be able to get back to viewing, commenting and submitting to this great creative community soon.

Notculpable (Jerry)


Numerous government officials from the Canadian government visited William Berczy Public School today, drawing minor media attention.
They arrived at the lighthouse school at around the lunch hour but began assessing the conditions at 1:50.
When they came into my classroom, we were actually engaging in an informal debate so I felt my face grow hot and my words barely slipped out of my mouth. Politicians really can change the atmoshpere in a room. Their presence was almost menacing … and that slight forced smile was always on their faces. Perhaps that’s why so many people despise politicians.

Writing For Fun

Wow! I never noticed that writing can be so fun. I can really change into a good mood from a bad one by letting my creative juices flow, conveying my thoughts, emotions.
In grade 2 it was misery whenever I had a writing assignment because I just couldn’t do it. The next year, I made some progress. In grade 4, I gained in confidence. After, I was getting better but didn’t really enjoy it. Finally, I love doing this. Love the way it gives your brain a nice exercise. Love watching the words form as I press the keys.
This incredible hobby starts with just a few lines and curves making letters, making words, making paragraphs, making stories, making treasures, making feelings.

Just Wondering...

I’ve always had this little thought in my mind: Why is this site called Redbubble? I can’t seem to think of any reasons. Anybody have a response?

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