Bladder Cicada - Cystosoma saundersii  Laptop Sleeve Front


  • Custom front print and black rear
  • Polyester cover and foam padding protects from scratches and minor impacts
  • Black edging, black zip, black plush padded inside
  • Easy clean with a damp cloth


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Bladder Cicada - Cystosoma saundersii
Designed by Normf
This is a male Cystosoma saundersii. The body is a hollow transparent chamber, that is a distended thin-walled abdomen which is driven by the paired tymbals during sound production. The insect is about 35mm in length (although during sound production may extend over 40mm). As taken in Camera in High Quality Jpg. Canon EOS 7D Shutter Speed 1/25 Aperture Value 2.8 Evaluative Metering ISO Speed 100 Lens EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Focal Length 100.0 mm AF Mode Manual focusing AF area select mode Manual selection Tripod

Laptop Sleeve

Bladder Cicada - Cystosoma saundersii by Normf