Norma-jean Morrison

Lockyer VALLEY, Australia

Name Normaje, i live in Lockyer Valley, Australia..i am wanting to get better with my art and image work / so i can be friends with you...

“To be born then to Die”

“To be born then to Die”

Each one of us has to come through a milestone
Of miseries to be born
And live that life with misery
Not knowing why, and not outgrowing it

Till death why
Sometimes a long, long life
Until our bodies are so decayed and our smile is so painful
Like waiting for Mr. Death too come and say I am ready for you

Then you can be young and strong and still that death knock can be knocking for you

So talk about reincarnation it’s a pain in the rectum

What kind of school are we all going through?
From the cradle to the grave
We just keep going even when we pass over
Our mission is to guide soul’s home to where we are

I am so boring that I find this life to ridiculous
And myself being stricken with what I have
Since I was born

And I believed that I could nurse others which I have done
And pull them through

And I keep repeating this over and over

Well Mr. Death, let me off your hook
As no more funerals I do for you
As someone will have to do mine
You have made me so tired and angry
Goodnight and out of my space

Normaje 29th September 2009
August 3, 2011
all my love Normaje

And now we are in 2013

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