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feeling like a "rubberband girl"...

A week away from total freedom…

Firstly I want to apologise very flatly for answering your bubblemails so late :-]. Although am not looking for excuses, am a “peerie” week away fae end of term… And am patiently awaiting that ultimate school bell that is going to release my soul.

Am also actively involved with local and “planetary” projects: whereas Shetland Arts keep my fingers on “their toes”… Collaborative work with Australian based artist Lissa Kathe from Armidale, NSW, has started to flourish beautifully. It bears the name of “Garden2Garden” and it can be found by googling it straight away :-)). Although such planetary adventure remains embryonic, it has a unique flavour and is going from strength to strength. Lissa Kathe flew the length of the planet to spend Christmas on 60N and mix existing material under the same “edge of the garden”. We are very excited about its current development and working hard on our very first demo album.

Lissa Kathe is a very talented independent musician/songwriter/producer I met on UK-based Kate Bush Forum three years ago. She saw landscapes in the selected verse I shared with her and she began to tap into it very naturally. Our collaboration has transcended into an explosion of creative whirls and it has brought us together. I see magnificent landscapes in her music.

Please have a peep at or on:

If you are interested into Garden2Garden, then you will find us at

No wonder am feeling like a “rubberband girl” at the moment!

With freedom regained, i shall return more regularly to RB and post a “peerie” bit more!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Nat :-))

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