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Hello ;-))

Have always dreamt of a friendly Artists’ community.
There we are.

My name’s Nat and i have this priviledge to live away from “the city”.
Here in Shetland, I have found my “chosen” home and garden, where i can express myself both in words and images.

Although visual arts has been nurtured from the tender age of 6 [that’s when i got my very first camera & paint brushes!], most of the work here on display is a product of Shetland.

Writing is another passion, mainly verse and flash fiction. I have this passion that animates my soul, fingers and pen.

Am currently working on two separate projects: a manuscript for a verse collection and a collaboration with a pianist/songwriter from NSW, Australia!

Shetland’s a wonderful catalyst for creativity. Its mind blowing sea, sky and landscapes can do nothing but inspire. From out of space, it looks a running man – from a boat or plane, “Treasure Islands”.

Welcome, welcome to my nordic side of the garden ;-))

Nat [aka NordicBlackbird]

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