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spiders of time

Fingertips on that silky thread,
am listening to my favourite artist’s latest opus and “oh, little spider”…

The great countdown has begun again! Within 6 days… An old term ends, corridors, doors will shut for a fortnight.
Summer has gone with a great bang – a heck of a gale back in early September that was far too precocious… And here we are, early October.
All weekends devoted to guding last September.

Weeks have been like sucked in by that great hoover and i cannot believe it’s been that long ago since I was sharing with you… If school has been the centre of my attention, my heart goes out to all those affected by natural catastrophes of all kinds. Our wheel of news has been saturated with them… I have lit candles for all of you affected, wherever you are and pray for Mother Earth to be kind again to all her children :).

Time out.

We all need to breathe [and smile].

Besides, I need to clean my lens filled with cobwebs… I have missed this wonderful bubble very much and need to re-focus.

Namaste to you all :)))



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