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“nordicblackbird” – pirate, poet, visual artist, maritimer… day-dreamer, nomadic heart par excellence :)). I...

Oh, wow, mega-wow - "salvation" featured in The Scots Are Coming - THANK YOU JEN & KEN!!!

Yesterday i broke a personal record, that of beeing “glued” on redbubble for nearly 3/4 of a day, lolll! …My eyes just couldn’t get way from it all!!! …From group admin to playing on Rhonda’s new game group… and am still waiting for my new galsses to be made, LOL!

But today, wow – just found out that “salvation” has been selected among other brilliant featured works by my Scottish friends at The Scots Are Coming…. WOW!!! :)))))

THANK YOU, sweet Jen and Ken!!!

Am chuffed to bits again!!!
Thank you, dear friends :)))))))).

I hope you all enjoying the beautiful light in which your neck of the heather is bathing in, ’cause am about to make the most of mine!!!

Have a fabulous day!


Nat xx

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