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on the 8th month

Seven days away from a return to familiar bells and corridors,
summer – like the very eight months of 2014 have come and gone like magic flu powder!
However, so many times has the finger clicked onto a special moment in time.
It takes a day of torrential rain or frantic wind, free of rouble, to update the portfolio for selection of favourite images to share with you.

Fieldwork was extensive during those spring and summer months. We have been blessed by blue and shameless light – so dry too, and so much so, we have just experienced extensive landslips so shrunk was our peatlands… Saturday 9 August was marred by freak weather – colossal amount of persistent torrential rain.
It may make you smile a second, however, it scared some folk out.
Shetland Floods
Bertha has reached 60N!
I expect more

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