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NEW DAWN, 2014

Not a festive season looks the same.
Not a year is the same.

2013 felt like crossing the ocean with Richard Parker. You will understand my feeling & allegory, especially if you are familiar with Life Of Pi (book or movie)
2013 finished off with a blend of relief and exhaustion.
Creatively, 2013 was very notable too.
Here, here,
I wrote a short blog entry
My peerie South African sister aptly named it my “year of courage”. She made me read & she took me to see Life Of Pi last Yule… I dared to watch the movie on my own this time 12 months later. At last, I dared.

I have welcomed 2014 with open eyes, heart and arms, and I wish to thank YOU very humbly for all your kind words of encouragement, your continuous friendship and feedback.

May 2014 shine in YOUR eyes and heart every day :-)

Happy New Year to you all!

Blissins fae Shetland,

Nat x

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