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It takes a couple of horizontally/diagonally rainy days – yes, da term in the Shetland dialect remains “a hellery” – to catch up with untouched/dormant images…

This year has been bumpy-busy-crazy so far – a fabulous learning curve, sprinkled with a bouquet of eclectic emotions & scary moments (but, heck, life is worth living!!!)
The camera remained kinda quiet during the summer months, due chiefly to… lack of visibility (July was the foggiest since… 1976!) and the latter months just turned poltergeists.
Had a great time with Islesburgh’s Summer exhibition (selected works there). So great to have a place where visual works can be shared with my local community.
The book launch of “From Shore to Shoormal/D’un rivage à l’autre” , co-written with D Allard & published last December by Broken Joe Press was launched very successfully at this year’s 12th Book Festival at Mareel in Lerwick. Young photographer, Craig Meheut, provided the photography and am extremely proud of what he did.
Weeks fly like lit powder and my October break is about to end…

So now catching up with fresh works from those past few months. Still fabulous to be able to share with you all. It’s a great privilege.

Do enjoy them :-)


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