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New Sets Under Construction -

Following last month’s return leg of the German Exchange in North Germany, Reinfled, am beginning to assemble a new set of images on Lübeck, Koeningin der Hanse, Capital of the Olds Hanseatic League, where I stayed for ten days.
However, I will also develop a second set for Berlin 2014.

Fantastic time in Germany with 22 young Shetlanders and two colleagues!



on the 8th month

Seven days away from a return to familiar bells and corridors,
summer – like the very eight months of 2014 have come and gone like magic flu powder!
However, so many times has the finger clicked onto a special moment in time.
It takes a day of torrential rain or frantic wind, free of rouble, to update the portfolio for selection of favourite images to share with you.

Fieldwork was extensive during those spring and summer months. We have been blessed by blue and shameless light – so dry too, and so much so, we have just experienced extensive landslips so shrunk was our peatlands… Saturday 9 August was marred by freak weather – colossal amount of persistent torrential rain.
It may make you smile a second, however, it scared some folk out.
Shetland Floods
Bertha has reached 60N!
I expect more

NEW DAWN, 2014

Not a festive season looks the same.
Not a year is the same.…

2013 felt like crossing the ocean with Richard Parker. You will understand my feeling & allegory, especially if you are familiar with Life Of Pi (book or movie)
2013 finished off with a blend of relief and exhaustion.
Creatively, 2013 was very notable too.
Here, here,
I wrote a short blog entry
My peerie South African sister aptly named it my “year of courage”. She made me read & she took me to see Life Of Pi last Yule… I dared to watch the movie on my own this time 12 months later. At last, I dared.

I have welcomed 2014 with open eyes, heart and arms, and I wish to thank YOU very humbly for all your kind words of encouragement, your continuous friendship and feedback.

May 2014 shine in YOUR eyes and heart every day :-)

Happy New Y

bits n' bolts fae 60N

It takes a couple of horizontally/diagonally rainy days – yes, da term in the Shetland dialect remains “a hellery” – to catch up with untouched/dormant images……

This year has been bumpy-busy-crazy so far – a fabulous learning curve, sprinkled with a bouquet of eclectic emotions & scary moments (but, heck, life is worth living!!!)
The camera remained kinda quiet during the summer months, due chiefly to… lack of visibility (July was the foggiest since… 1976!) and the latter months just turned poltergeists.
Had a great time with Islesburgh’s Summer exhibition (selected works there). So great to have a place where visual works can be shared with my local community.
The book launch of “From Shore to Shoormal/D’un rivage à l’autre” , co-written with D Allard & published last December by Broken Joe


Just returned from the best Yuletide in moons , buried 2012 Mexican-style and I wish to simply renew my very best wishes for this starting year – renew my grateful thanks to you, as friendship binds us through the many eyes, hearts and lenses.

Thank you for being there,
sharing your thoughts and appreciation.
It means the world to me ;-)

Happy-creative-magic-healthy-crazy New Year, dear friends -

Namaste fae 60N :-))

Love and Light,


dying year

Year of tears and miracles.
In seven days, I shall tread inside loved ones’ sanctuary, for I shall spend Yule outside my islands. I may feel a little landlocked for a while, but I intend to celebrate the festive season in style.
If Hairst was tarnished with splatters of darkness, winter has arrived with beams of light:
I am firmly anchored in my Nordic home; my boat won’t rock and From Shore to Shoormal available online!

I am eager for you.
New leaf, sheaf of corn, life and light.
I have have projects to need to fly, like me, solo.

In the meantime, let me wish you all a wonderful Yule, with all the very best for 2013.



When North meets South, borealis-australis,

Just home from a marvellous first evening with fellow RB members, Larry & Dawn Davis, who landed on my latitude this very afternoon!
Larry and I met some time ago on RB and our love of boats allowed our creative friendship to flourish. Meeting in the flesh this evening felt the natural progression :-)
We have begun a 5-day RB connection in the flesh by sharing dinner tonight at their base in Sumburgh.
Tomorrow we shall start and photograph good local boats (after I finish work!)

Larry’s eager to meet with other LOCAL RB members – Larry, Shetland’s your oyster :P
Great fun ahead and looking forward to it!!!


Update on 2012

Still waiting for Larry and his lady wife to set foot on my latitude!
Have begun that exciting countdown!!!


Mad, wild, crazy, whirlwind of a summer that is ending with new directions ahead, steering my boat through treacherous waters, as I type. …I still wonder if silences speak for themselves. Home is mutating in strange ways.

However, am looking UP and FORWARD.

Will add some new works when my hands are free again.

I am eager to cross the Equinox AND reach the Winter Solstice for once…

2012 so far

Every year has its bumps and potholes…
2012 does NOT deceive.…

Whereas I am awaiting to meet Larry Davis, fae Australia, with his lady wife later on this October on my latitude (60N), summer has been (like spring) a rollercoater, both in the field and, e- wise.

Tribulations with a hacker could be a poem title; however, it was a very painful expoerience, which resulted in the loss of a Google account that harboured a second blog.
All deleted.
With its consequences.
To all those of you who know me, I do NOT spend time in Madrid… However wonderful the Spanish capital is, DO NOT OPEN that damn scam e-mail!

For all those of you who know me, YOU know where I spend my summertime… Usually in a meadow with my natural world, and, with around 18 hours of light, summer has been fantastic so far ;-)


New Year, new decade, wind of change

Hi there,

A turbulent year 2010 was with chaos during the autumn towards Yuletide.
My home situation has kept me away from a few activities and now things are starting to settle down for the better, I am hoping to get back in touch with my RB friends.

In any case, I hope Yule has been good to you and may 2011 be the start of a great creative decade with amazing works to share :-)

All the very best for this New Year :-)

Blissins fae 60N

Nat xx

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