1. Carefully remove all photos from soggy albums and separate from each other. You will probably need to use a razor or sharp blade to cut them out of the album pages as they may get damaged by trying to slide them out of plastic sleeves.2. Fill the bath or sink and put them all in there to keep wet until you can rinse them off one by one. Change the water as often as possible to dilute any chemicals or grunge in the water.3. RINSE THEM AND REMOVE THEM FROM THE WATER AS FAST AS YOU CAN. As soon as you can, rinse each photo individually, taking great care not to rub too hard on the front and scratching them.4. Once cleaned, lay them out, face up, on a towel or clean paper and allow to air dry. Do this indoors because you don’t want them blowing away after all this work to save them.5. Finally, If you can’t get them all washed quickly, seal them in a plastic bag and put them in a freezer until such time as you can. This will possibly slow down any further damage.

Art House Reproductions & Inkjet Lab would be happy to try to save some of your precious memories by cleaning and scanning them to create a digital file which we will then put on disk for you. We will do this at no charge .

Get them to us as soon as possible. We are open normal business hours Monday to Friday but you can contact Mark directly on his mobile – 0421 599 423 – to arrange for deliveries at other times.

IMPORTANT NOTE – To allow us to help as many people as possible, please do the following…

  • Pick out your most important 50 photos before you come in and we will concentrate on these first.
  • Choose close family, wedding and pet photos – not travel pics and happy snaps.
  • Remove photos from frames as soon as possible so they don’t stick to the glass. Please do not bring in frames if possible.
  • Rinse everything in clean fresh water and place the photos in sealed plastic bags so they don’t dry out and stick together. This does several things, first it reduces the risk of disease and secondly, it make our job a little easier.
  • Ring us on 0421 599 423 to arrange a time to deliver them.


Now this is where we can help …….
I have offerred my services to retouch and restore these precious photos.
If you’d like to help with retouching and restoration of digital files – please let me know.

Cheers Naomi

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