Postmarked Geelong

Here is a few pix from the exhibition ‘Postmarked Geelong’. This exhibition was based around the premise that artists create faux stamps or cinderellas. We involved a few Micronations from both Australia and overseas who produce legal stamps, the Mail Art open network, local artists and a few off the bubble as well.

There was also a component that worked with community groups and disability orgs. to allow for all abilities to be involved and gain access to working with a professional artist in a workshop senario.

The Redbubblers included…
Thickblackoutlines , Evilfroot and myself

I had hoped for this image to be much larger…but i guess i just found one of the flaws of flickr. Anyway, hope its big enough to give you a bit of a looksee!

The bottom three are…left detail TBO, right detail Evilfroot and at the very bottom my own redtape tee design as a stamp sheet.

ps-Thank J & D! The documentation book should be out before chrissy i hear so keep the eyes peeled on the letter box, it should be very nice!

att: Here we go this is betterer…


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