Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Hey there Red Bubblers,

I know it has been forever since i have been around these parts, but just doing a multi-platform advertising campaign for my upcoming solo exhibition.

The show is called, ‘Only dead fish go with the flow’ and opens this Friday night(9th November 2012 : 4:30 – 8 pm) at Boom Gallery in Geelong (Boom – 11 Rutland St Newtown Geelong). It’s going to be a massive exhibition with about 50 paintings on show and runs from 7 Nov to 1 Dec (Regular Gallery hours Wed – Sat 9:30 – 4 pm).

So if your looking for something to do this weekend come on down to the opening for a wine and take in some Art! Or pop in over the month while it’s on!!

Hope life is treating you all well.

No Frills

ps- further info available at: or

Street Salon Installation

Hey There!
Just thought i would give an update on the Street Salon project that i was pimping round here a while back. I know a few RB folk were kind enough to take the time to take part. So here is the update……

The basic concept:
The Street Salon installation that I coordinated with David Dellafiora for the Geelong Arts Alliance is now up in central Geelong. Street Salon is a community art project where the elite salon exhibitions of the past are turned on their head by allowing access to all and displaying every artwork submitted in a shop front with 24hr access for the general public to easily view. Street Salon is a democratic artwork about participating in the arts, while also renewing the streetscape and filling one of the empty shops affecteted by ecconomic impacts such as the global

Project Invite - Street Salon

Hi there people,
Just a quick invite. Though some of you may be interested in taking part in this project funded by the city of Greater Geelong and being ran by the Geelong Arts Alliance.
Glen aka no frills…

Street Salon – Art for the Masses

Street Salon is a participatory art project in which artists (professional and non-professional) create small artworks for display in a recreated salon in central Geelong. Street Salon is an action celebrating the salon style show in which everyone is an artist regardless of style, medium, content or ability. The original salon was a private affair of the cultural elite. Street Salon by contrast is a public event, a democratic mass display of work. All works submitted will be exhibited in Street Salon. None will be rejected.

Street Salon will take three

Hosier Lane vs British Petroleum

Today about a dozen or so artists hit up the back section of Hosier lane in Melbourne to do a wall in protest of the BP oil spill. There were some of the familiar suspects from the Melbourne scene including HaHa, Civil and Mags(currently melb based) among others. It was a pretty cool day with everyone helping each other out and working well together to link in a whole bunch of diverse styles and create a bit of unity surrounding this important issue.
Below the hive of activity:

I think this piece was my favorite for the day. It kind of sumed up the overall message in a light hearted way. I have a few process shots so you can see it coming together.

This work was also pretty rocking, the text is a little burried in the image but it says ’ Cars suck ’, and hopefully it works on a subliminal l…

New Blu animation - Street Art

For anyone who remembers…a while back a link to an animation by Blu was posted here on RB. Anyway, here is the latest one uploaded a few days ago. It is spectacular, so go over and watch it if your into street art, stop motion or just anything simply awesome.

So seriously…get over there.

New Blu Vid – Big Bang Big Boom


Not from the new animation, but a taster to show people what they are missing if they don’t go watch it.

New website and blog (

News for those of you who follow what i do, my new website/blog is up and running. It is going to mainly have my paintings and news/exhibition stuff as opposed to my tees you see on here. Currently it has images of the article about Redbubble in Nett Magazine published this month and my painting which is still wet in the studio as i type this..

Anyway, feel free to pop on over to

…be sure to bookmark it so you can pop in to visit!

T-Shirts...the old skool way

Hey there…
Well i was just knocking out some documentation for a workshop i did today (to acquit the funding and help get more workshops) for a local community centre and i thought…it is about tees, why not throw it up on the bubble as i have been fairly quiet online of late.…

Anywho, it started out being a workshop for fifteen kids to make a tee each as part of a holiday program…and it ended up some forty odd t-shirts later, twelve dead cans of spray paint, a bunch of very dead stencils, lots of messy hands…as fifteen pairs of gloves dont cover forty pairs of hands…oh, and one fairy sunburned neck.

It’s funny with community art, there is always the old elite sentiment that it breeds mediocracy…and indeed it often does. But these kids took to the workshop like ducks to water, and even if i

Just a heads up (Brunswick Street Gallery Opening)

Hey there…
I have been busy, busy, busy at the moment at work with my job being at the business end of the year…and a few other things on the go on the side(working like every other weekend) so i have not been round the bubble much lately.…

But just thought i would pop in and let you know one of my paintings (Wegner’s Pet) that i first showed on here a while back was selected for exhibition in the BSG$10,000 Art Prize 09. It made the cut to get in the 50 finalists to be exhibited from a 450 strong field. It’s the first competition i have entered, so i am kinda a little excited. Anyway, just though i would let people know my good news and if you are in Fitzroy this friday night (Friday 4th Dec) the exhibition opens at 6pm (322 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne).

It would be great to see y

Reverse Engineering

I have been playing around with some paint again and I have just taken another image of mine from being a tee design back onto a canvas…well a board anyway!
Just thought i would share…

from this…

to this…

Money is the root of all evil
Mixed Media, 900 × 800mm.

What do you think?

Printmaking, Multiples, Artists Editions and other random ephemera

I was asked recently if i would throw up one of my little rants about projects i have been involved in, work i have been making and whats going on in No Frills land in general. Now i did think about going over a few projects i have done over the last year or so and ones in the pipeline but after thinking about it i figured some were a bit more community orientated rather than arty…so after a little think i thought i would throw up some of my artist editions and explain a little about how i came to be here on RB making tees. This is going to be a little bit of a ride so hold on……

(If you cant read much online, fee free to just look at the pictures and ignore my spiel)

Now i have been a little bit quieter than usual of late due to a number of things not really worth listing, but on the art s

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