La Macarena!

There is something truly special and liberating about dancing. It doesn’t matter whether you have rhythm or not; when you hear a beat you like, something marvelous happens; your feet start to shuffle, your lips curl into a slight smirk and your head begins to sway involuntarily and then as if the dancing gods themselves have summoned, you get up and move to whatever rhythm your hear.

I have this memory of my parents dancing to La Macarena on Oprah. Now my mother had no rhythm whatsoever and my father, well if anyone has ever seen Nelson Mandela dance, you get the picture; him shuffling from side to side. So here my parents were trying to follow the choreography, much to my amusement. They were hopeless! But as I watched them, I realised it didn’t matter, because they were having the time of their lives laughing at each other. They were married for 38 years.

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