Neville Jones

Wheelers Hill, Australia

I am a traveller. I am curious about people and the world we all share. / I am enjoying my journey through my work and today I indulge...

This time it's MY work which has been stolen.

With my “rights” antenna up (because my friend’s work was stolen), I used Google’s Reverse Image Search to see if any of my work is being used without permission.

Firstly, I can vouch that Google’s Reverse Image Search works because it quickly found one of my images that is being used with permission. (Click the camera icon in the Image search bar and it will ask you the URL of an image to search for. It will search the entire internet for duplicates of that image.)

Next, I was dismayed to find this site which is using one of my images without permission.

I have issued a Take Down Notice. If you have any Africa images on Redbubble then it might be an idea to check if they are also using yours.


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