John Robb

Melbourne, Australia

John Robb is a photographer from Melbourne who likes to look an the other direction with a camera and find new and interesting...

Happiness Is....

Some sales figures for 2008:

13.2 million Apple iPhones
16.4 million Playstation 3 games consoles
7.5 million digital SLR’s
16 WMEC cards

With my card the occasional glance on the desk helps to keep things in perspective.

You can read the ongoing stories of the card, and get an idea of the compassion of the person behind the image, here:

If this doesn’t make the feature page I’ll leave…
Paul Louis Villiani – a big guy with a bigger heart.
More Awsome People on the Bub Give to Charity!!
and most recently:
Handsome man becomes major benefactor…

..and an idea of how powerfully good that card can be:

I just donated $1,320.00 to HEAL Africa and Hand Up Congo.

Please spread the word to others on the bubble and amongst your family and friends on how a little card can help so much – and give you much more happiness than any electronic device.


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