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Courage Compassion and Friendship - a review

Over the last two weeks I’ve been browsing an early version of the internet – the book. The publication in question is Courage Compassion and Friendship which is one of the growing collection of Redbubble books. I’ve decided to write a few words after a while with it – pictures you will see in other reviews

I won’t go on much about the physicality of the book suffice to say it comes in a beautiful dustcover/pocket with a wonderful inspiring design that’s also reflected on the cover of the book itself. The book is a square format and is well made to last for the ages.

One of the great joys of Compassion Courage and Friendship is the way you can just dive into any page and see consistently great work in both visual and written form. The balance of writing and images is just so – allowing you to seamlessly experience both in the turn of a few pages.

Now I’m going to highlight a few works not because they are my favourites. I decided to open a few pages at random and highlight the work that I found as a fair way for you to get an idea of what you can expect.

Worth is a short written piece that beautifully conveys the heartbreaking reality of some situations in this world – where you find that all the compassion you can give can’t stop the progress of heartbreak.
I dreamt of an Angel II is an amazing image that conveys the hope of those praying for heavenly compassion and the hope of those whose aim is to give it. The scene is lit by the white light of a window giving a great sense of a calm and enlightening future path.
Gone fishing is an image that would define a faithful friendship – two people sharing the one physical space for a day. I suspect sometimes they’d talk to each other but most of the time they just draw comfort from each others presence.
Vera was a written piece that my mother first commented on when she read the book. She knew the scene ,story and character described was based in reality since the nuances writing struck a chord with her life experiences – making the story all the more powerful.
One is a simple, yet perfectly composed, image which deceives. After looking at it a while questions drift into your mind: Will they live together forever? Can they feel each other even when apart? Will the caring get stronger still?

You could search for all this work on the Bubble and eventually find it but with Courage Compassion and Friendship you’ll find it and all the emotion that it contains in one heart wrenching place. I recommend buying a copy to nourish your soul.

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