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Melbourne, Australia

John Robb is a photographer from Melbourne who likes to look an the other direction with a camera and find new and interesting...

There are graveyards full of people........

“There are graveyards full of people who thought they were irreplaceable”

The above saying was once told to me by a good friend and former work colleague and in recent times has been floating around my head. What makes me write it this now is my decision to step down as a host of the Melbourne and Victoria group – arguably one of the most successful geographic groups on the bubble.

To me it’s always been that my hostship of a group has meant that the group and its members come first. I never felt the group was a possession mine or anyone else’s – a testament to having a good and big collection of hosts all giving their bit towards the common good.

I felt over the last few weeks it was time to allow the Melbourne and Victoria group to move on without me as part of the host team. Probably it’s my way of saying that people may come and go but things can survive without them. It’s also an affirmation that the hosts will find a more than capable person in the group to join the team as necessary.

My change also allows for a new host to enter the bubble fray and learn and be mentored by others – something I didn’t want to deprive someone of by staying in the one place.

For the time being I’ll make a little sign that says “host for hire, will work for free” in case I ever need it.

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