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The World Though Middle Class Eyes

I was interested to read the Art and Music journal post today by Redbubble. It was rather fascinating to see how narrowly some view their world – not necessarily deliberately though.

There has been a long history of mass production of artistic items a century or more before the time of Edison and the phonograph – Josiah Wedgwood indeed created the first specialised production techniques to mass produce china in the 18th century and market this to the burgeoning middle class. Perhaps over time we have lost the ability to notice this homogeneity around us.

Perhaps our thinking though can be a little too narrow – a little focussed on our developed world middle class Ikea designed utopia. In our world perhaps we are subconsciously creative to try to stand out and provide an outlet for ourselves – perhaps seen in Youtube where quality palpably isn’t the goal it’s more the freedom of expression we crave.

More worryingly in many parts of the developing world those craftsmen and musicians in remote villages are being supplanted by technologies like transport ,internet and television which homogenise those local pockets of language, music and craft into a replica of the greater multinational culture – a place where the successors of Josiah Wedgwood and his mass consumer products can stifle creativity and a deep global cultural pool becomes shallower by the day.

The technologies that liberate our expression may be those that cause others to loose theirs.

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