Where does the wind blow?

At twelve in the night I woke up from a nightmare.Outside ,through the window’s grill I heard the wind blowing through the trees in waves .The pipal tree made such fine music out of its falling leaves. Where does the wind come from -the question has come back to me after such a long time ,when such questions used to come and go like the gusts of wind through the pipal tree.

Why not search for the answer .Yes .Why not on the Yahoo.I type the question and before the question is half formed ,the answers are already there. The variety of the answers is no doubt fascinating but it is one answer that really captivates.

“We stand on a hilltop, you and I,
A tall grassy hill where the wind blows by.
“Where does it come from?” you ask me,
“Where does it go? What does it see?”

That is how the story starts. From there, the wind takes you on a journey across land, sea and sky. It blows over people and animals, continents and seasons, until it has circled the world and come back again to that windy hill.

Where the boy and his mother also become part of the wind’ s song…

This ephemeral element of nature unites us through the sharing of its touch on our bodies and environments. I liked to think of that when I was far away from my son; it made me feel closer to him. “


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